August Blogathon : All about shooting!

I don’t know what the Blogathon is called, but I am jumping in headlong…inspired by ze Lady at Shail’s Nest.

The salient features of this month long blogging ‘abhiyaan’ will be:

1. Blogging from Mobile using WordPress App. This will get me writing on the go and without the fear of my inner editor.

2. I will pen down my thoughts about shooting. Those thoughts which are good if written in my shooting diary, but don’t necessarily belong only there.

So here’s the long and short of my plan. (Yes, I have a plan this time around.) 

As you would know if you visit my blog often, I took up shooting 10m Air Pistol in May 2015. I have played quite a few state matches, and have made it to the Nationals by qualifying in the Pre-Nationals. Right now, I am preparing for the 2017 Nationals.

The shooting bug bit me way back in 2004, when then Major Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore won the double trap Silver at Athens Olympics. That was the year I came to Pune for my engineering. 

The Internet was in nascent stage then. I searched for shooting ranges at 40 Rs/hr! The one I found was in Hadapsar, a good 25km away from where I stayed. There was no Ola/Uber to take me to and fro…and I thought to myself… well…all in good time.

The good time came 11 years later when I quit my job and joined the academy I had my eye on since 2011. 

Little did anyone know that my seemingly off-hand decision was a carefully planned attempt at making up for the years I lost because I had other ‘normal’ things to do – study, get a job, marry…in a word – ‘settle down’!

Now that you got to know how I got into shooting… I’ll delve into the stuff I want to write about, in the next posts.

I plan to provide my blog some August company. 😉 See ya around amigos!

5 thoughts on “August Blogathon : All about shooting!

  1. I am glad you have joined ze lady 😀 interesting topic you have chosen.You better keep at it, Cat coz I wanna read.
    And hey, maybe I’ll have to resort to blogging from the app what with my holiday coming up and I lagging behind in scheduling posts. Let’s see, anyway.
    Sometimes what seems off-hand to others is not really off-hand. Yup, I have known that too! 🙂

    1. Haha yes! I ain’t fated…as of today 😂 But I will finish this for sure, Aunty G. Fingers crossed, keyboards unlocked.

    1. Hello! Happy New Year to you too! I have seen you in Blogosphere, but never interacted with you. Thanks for dropping by, fellow Punekar! Sorry if there’s not enough posts as of now. I hope February Ramblings make me write regularly.

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