To my dead Cat

Chunky, my dear pet.
(Oh how you hated the vet!)

You were but a week or two,
when Mom found you,
licking the cauldron of ghee
in adorable kittenish glee…

Before you, I never had a ‘real’ pet
All came, and went away or were sent away pat * 🙁
But you were different
Oh you were so adamant!

To you, I was introduced –
when I came back from the tuition. Boy, I was so very deuced!
You were hiding in the farthest corner under the ‘computer room’s’ bed,
Oh hello, little one…I bent and said.

All squiggly and wiggly, you walked to me.
As I sat down, you purred and circled me.
You were so delicate, but boy, did your purring motor race!
For the first time in my life…a fur-ball had me scare(d)!

They let me keep you,
rather, they themselves kept you!
You were soon family,
The house’s youngest member, officially!

Then you unleashed your childhood.
You were a fussy eater – miss puss-in-boots.
Milk, you drank.
From bread, you shrank.
Buttermilk, sometimes.
The shake incidence, we still narrate at family story times!****

In the living room, you had your own cat-home.
A large metal cage, with a pretty dome.
By the day, the grounds you’d roam,
at night, you had no choice, but to stay home.

Then the hunter in you showed up.
At your sight, the birds would warily chirrup.
You chased insects, who did not heed you at all
One bit your nose. Since then, you ran at the sight of all!

You left behind your childhood garb goofy,
and after teenage, you turned into a celebrated beauty.
You made me an insecure Mom,
when you went out with that tall-dark-handsome Tom!

I soon realized there’s more than food in your tummy,
My God! My li’l Chunky was now a soon-to-be Mummy!
You rested in my lap,
And I watched you nap…

Days went by, and that summer, we had new babies,
I am thankful, you didn’t make me change their nappies 😛
What a joy it was, to see you transform –
from a helpless kitten, to a hands-on cat-Mom.

The rest, my dear, is history.
Far and wide, you and your clan spread your glory.
One day, just like you had appeared,
you disappeared.

I never had a chance,
to give you another glance.
Our meetings had become so rare,
after I was off to College, I had little home-time to spare.

I knew you were gone,
but my heart would have of that none.
You met me in my dreams,
leaving clues, muffled screams…

Of where you’d be,
Of where I should see…
Were you in your old spots where you’d hide
as a kitten, when you didn’t want to be grounded at night?
Speak to me,
I want to rescue you, my child…

And then I woke up,
all shaken up.
I was positive you were in danger,
and I could do nothing but hanker.

One day, you met me in dreams again,
we were at home, and you came hopping in like a mad man.
I screamed. This time with joy,
Come ‘ere, that’s my dear boy!

You played with me, to both our heart’s content,
that’s when I realised, you still seemed distant.
Almost heavenly.
That’s when it hit me.
The way you looked at me,
Even in my dreams, I knew, this is the last I’d see.
Of you, my dear Chunky,
you dear dear cat spunky.

You bid me adieu,
didn’t you?
‘Cos since then,
I haven’t seen you.

Not even in my dreams…
And now, there are no silent screams.
Looks like you’ve found your peace.
Although you were never the one for it, you tease!

Last week, I saw a movie,**
in which there was a playful doggie.
He came back to meet his human friend,
After 50+ years end…

Somehow I know you, you dead cat.
You are planning something…tell me what you’re at!
Are you gonna come back to me, when I am tired and old,
to meet ‘him’ too? He was there, back then too you know – why, that’d be gold!***

If you’d only say, and oh if you’d said it sooner,
I’d have spared that emotional shower,
when I cried my heart out, a year after you did disappear…
Yeah, I took my time until you told me that you’re dead, you heart-breaker 🙂

Now be a gem, and say you’ll be back, even if it’s for the rat(s)!
You nut, you crazy crazy whippersnapper, you smug li’l brat!

* We had a lot of rescue kittens, dogs and birds. We nursed them and set them free wherever they were found. So we had a lot of animals over, but they never stayed as pets.
** A dog’s purpose
*** Reference from A Dog’s Purpose : Ethan’s girlfriend had met Bailey, his Red Retriever dog. After reincarnation, the trio meet again. When Chunky came to live with us, Abhijeet was in town too! He hasn’t met her though. Till now that is… 😛 Ok, I am not crazy, I am just trying to make this poem as good a tearjerker as the movie.
**** Quite a story…saving it for other times…
So this is how 2 week old kittens look. Chunky was found exactly at this age –

Twenty-third Ramble

Cheat post. Poem written in March 2014. Still holds true…

Write. I want to.

But Time. Where do I find?

Hollow words, stuck in a rut, life grinds.

O dear mind,take me tither,

where time doesn’t matter.

There is no rat race,

life goes on at a leisurely pace.

O dear mind, take me to the days,

when I was a kid,

and there was no need,

to choose from so many worldly ways.

There was only one way,

one thing, that I did.

Whatever my heart said!

Day 25 : Think of any word. Search it on google images. Write something inspired by the 11th image.

The word I searched is ‘Success’.635939176359096238-1005869204_success
I had heard them say, it is lonely at the top.
But it’s only because, they are a jealous lot!
I am at the pinnacle,
my life’s now a spectacle.
I have achieved my goals,
is this the end of the roads?
No, I pause a bit here,
to address my fear –
Am I really alone?
Oh am I really alone?
I sacrificed a lot,
that’s what my kids I taught –
let go of things and people, that get in your way,
those who make your decisions sway.
Will they now leave me too one day?!
I always did what I wanted to do,
Why, that didn’t stop me from wooing the girl I knew!
I married her, and now there are four of us,
Going our own ways, but bound by trust.
I stand at the top of the mountain,
devouring a never stopping fountain,
of intoxicating inspiration…
Am I really alone?
Oh am I really alone?
Are my wife and kids gone,
In their own quests for their unknown?
Nay, you ditherers.
Nay! You distracters!
I’ll tell you what is success –
It ain’t lonely, it ain’t alone – it grants you access,
to your soul’s innermost recess.
It is mine, still too theirs.
My people, they are all on their respective stairs.
One day they’ll bask in their hard earned glory,
and to all they’ll tell our story,
Us who survived,
the distracters myriad.
We found our own serene, our own tranquil,
We are not alone, we don’t need a common anvil
And for the mundane cast iron, we do not toil,
We make our own tools!
We think of us as wolves!
Together, but alone,
we trudge our paths, worn.
And thus, our travails have borne
us, sweet success to call our own.
We look alone,
But we are not alone!


Me, at my wedding sangeet, wearing bangles, and my favourite piece of jewellery - the panja.
Me, at my wedding sangeet, wearing bangles, and my favourite piece of jewellery – the panja.


Shopping jewellery,
oh, what an exquisite revelry!

I sit on the couch,
browsing collections for which hundreds vouch.

Rings, I like.
Toe rings, dislike.

Bangles that jingle,
anklets that tinkle,
bring my eyes an enchanted sparkle.

Of the most exotic,
are the cummerbunds, lachhas and panjas,
evoking in me, a thought quixotic –
Why not I wear them everyday, like the Maharajas!

Then the attention veers,
to those that adorn the ears –
jhumka and kadi and latkan and button,
make out of me a jewellery glutton.

I look at the cart, which is now full.
I look at the jewellery box and take a deep sigh,
Oh how I had shopped when my wedding was nigh!
Now there is no space and the box is all full.

I grudgingly empty the shopping cart of its contents.
I am secretly happy I controlled the urge,
and saved the wallet from an unnecessary splurge.
I have enough for now and in window shopping I am content.


P.S : As I wrote this, I purchased a ring from a neighbourhood Aunty (a close family friend) who sells  jewellery in the local ladies circle. Talk about irony. 😐 Though ‘Mummy financed’ jewellery shopping is always guilt free. 😉



Now now, is somebody J? :D
Now now, is somebody J? 😀

This post is a part of the April A-Z Challenge.