To my dead Cat

Chunky, my dear pet. (Oh how you hated the vet!) You were but a week or two, when Mom found you, licking the cauldron of ghee in adorable kittenish glee… Before you, I never had a ‘real’ pet All came, and went away or were sent away pat * 🙁 But you were different Oh you were so adamant! To you, I was introduced – […]

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Twenty-third Ramble

Cheat post. Poem written in March 2014. Still holds true… Write. I want to. But Time. Where do I find? Hollow words, stuck in a rut, life grinds. O dear mind,take me tither, where time doesn’t matter. There is no rat race, life goes on at a leisurely pace. O dear mind, take me to the days, when I was a kid, and there was […]

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Day 25 : Think of any word. Search it on google images. Write something inspired by the 11th image.

The word I searched is ‘Success’. I had heard them say, it is lonely at the top. But it’s only because, they are a jealous lot! I am at the pinnacle, my life’s now a spectacle. I have achieved my goals, is this the end of the roads? No, I pause a bit here, to address my fear – Am I really alone? Oh am […]

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—————————————————————————————————————– Shopping jewellery, oh, what an exquisite revelry! I sit on the couch, browsing collections for which hundreds vouch. Rings, I like. Toe rings, dislike. Bangles that jingle, anklets that tinkle, bring my eyes an enchanted sparkle. Of the most exotic, are the cummerbunds, lachhas and panjas, evoking in me, a thought quixotic – Why not I wear them everyday, like the Maharajas! Then the […]

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My Christmas wish

My Christmas wish
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