Fifteenth Ramble : Ek manjar range ke andar…

On 13th February, the day was passing usually, till suddenly I began to hear ‘cat meows’ with my headphones, which were supposed to give only Pro-Timer alerts. (For the uninitiated, Pro-Timer is a workout app). I was at the shooting range, doing holdings (lifting a pistol in front of a wall and staying there for 15-30 secs, and then putting it down). I thought my […]

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Me and the Jurassic World

I just realized how fans of Star Trek would have felt all this while, when I heard of Jurassic World last month. Funny I had no inkling there was a dino movie in making. The childhood memories came back rushing. I was 7 when the first movie released. There is a theatre just behind my home (literally! When it was not yet sound-proofed, I could […]

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I am back!

Here ends my tryst with procrastination, which I had very cleverly termed ‘taking a blogging break’! 😛 There have been lotta personal and professional changes during this time off. As usual, I have registered for NaNoWriMo, but with a completed outline this year. I have also written half a chapter. Now that’s improvement!

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The fine art of improvisation

The fine art of improvisation

The art of improvisation is closely related to oratory which comes in handy while addressing a large crowd. Oratory or public speaking as we say, needs a lot of composure and background thought. Folklore has it that once Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was asked to address a student gathering. Somebody introduced him as a speaker who can speak on any given topic. One cheeky student pointed […]

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2011 in review

2011 in review

Been a great year. It was a pleasant surprise to see WordPress sum up the 2011 blogging year for me in such a sweet way. If I were a child, I’d certainly start liking statistics after having a look at this report 🙂 Thank you WordPress and my dear dear blog readers for such an awesome year!!!!! A very happy and rocking 2012 to you! […]

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