Mehendi and Sangeet, are an integral part of most Indian weddings. Though I have heard from my grandmother that Mehendi was a near-taboo in our community in their time. Times change. My grandmother had no mehendi in her wedding, my mother had the simple one with 5 dots and I had an elaborate design right upto my elbows. At our request, grandmother also obliged and […]

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The fine art of improvisation

The fine art of improvisation

The art of improvisation is closely related to oratory which comes in handy while addressing a large crowd. Oratory or public speaking as we say, needs a lot of composure and background thought. Folklore has it that once Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was asked to address a student gathering. Somebody introduced him as a speaker who can speak on any given topic. One cheeky student pointed […]

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