Resolutions for 2016

This will be the year I turn 30! I am happy to share that I am not as worried or stressed as I thought I would be. I am more confident than ever. Since 2015 was the year of contentment, I proclaim 2016 as the year of preparation. Preparation for the enigmatic 30s! So, here’s the list : 1. Pursue a sport. 2. Start coding […]

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Aaj ki nazm – 1 – Befiqar

Aaj ki nazm – 1 – Befiqar

This is the post in the category I was thinking of adding to the blog since a long time. We have a forum amongst our college buddies called the Sher-o-shayari mutual admiration club. I am a regular contributor there and always thought that I should have a backup of my posts there……plus this also serves as a quick way to post regularly. Also being a […]

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