This post is written for A prompt each day’s Prompt 60 – Fotowrite #5 He stood there for a minute. His wife had already rushed inside the main gate, and was now safely under the stately porch of the towering building. She did not want their son to get viral fever due to the drizzling. The watchman was getting the luggage unloaded. He still stood […]

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Insulate your mind. No man is an island, they say. The archaic meaning of insulate is to ‘make into an island’. This quite establishes the premise of this post. True work is done in complete isolation (of individual or team) from distractions – social, political or other. Isolation with a positive implication is solitude. Our minds subconsciously seek solitude even when doing the most mundane […]

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Written sometime in November, this now comes to the blog 🙂 kaghaz hai, kalam hai, shayari ko mufeed, ye aalam hai. zehen me ho jab chhaya kohra raah dhoondhta hai khayalo ka karwaan kalam ke charaagh se, roshan housle. tay karte hain; ilm ke faaslein. zindagi ki manzil – jhilmilaati intezar kare hain  – ithlaati gubar bhi nahin, naa hai kohra, mustahkam raftar se, chal […]

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