To my dead Cat

Chunky, my dear pet. (Oh how you hated the vet!) You were but a week or two, when Mom found you, licking the cauldron of ghee in adorable kittenish glee… Before you, I never had a ‘real’ pet All came, and went away or were sent away pat * 🙁 But you were different Oh you were so adamant! To you, I was introduced – […]

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Day 7 – Consistency

I am uber talented. In everything I take up. Something always prevents me from making it to the top. Even if I do make it, there is a nagging feeling of being unaccomplished. Why? I do everything in bursts, not streaks. Example : I started NaBloPoMo and fizzled out on Day 3. Streaks happen when the doer is consistent. Here’s a piece I wrote in January […]

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30s Gyaan

I am turning 30 this 6th October. Though I have been feeling 30 since I was 26, the official event occurs next week. This makes me want to share what I have known about life in these 3 decades. As Col. Julius Nagendranath Wilfred Singh says in Chhoti si Baat :  “Ye ek art hai, kala hai. Ye meri 65 saal ki zindagi ka nichod hai.” […]

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Day 23 : A letter to someone, anyone.

This letter is to the my inner critic. Hello Critic, I will not give you the privilege of addressing you as my inner editor. No. You are the critic in me. You are a perfectionist. At least, you think you are. They say writer’s block happens because of you; because you think I do not have anything worthwhile to write on. They say the only […]

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Day 18 : Post 30 facts about yourself

I will turn 30 this October. I was plagued by worry since I turned 26, but now I am rather looking forward to 30s. My Dad says nature gives humans the right thoughts for the age that they are, to control any regrets or disappointments. I kinda agree now. I topped my town’s SSC exams (amongst girls). I am not very proud of it when […]

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