In my whole career, I have yet to meet a designer who can make what I visualise. I have also yet to meet a designer who completes all the screens using just an initial brief. I have met but one designer who is really into his work and tries to break patterns. Pity, the work I had for him had set wireframes and he couldn’t […]

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Project failures are a part of a company. Many times apps are rejected by App Stores. At other times, they fail to reach completion. The apps that reach the store can also fail – they are not accepted by the target users. When I started development, the first 9 of my apps met the above fate. At times like these, you have to do a […]

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An eccentric person is often called a maverick. Eccentricity, in the creative sense, is welcome at The Mavericks. Startups have started differentiating themselves from traditional firms with quirky names, unconventional office decor, informal clothes at work. If you have seen The Intern, you will know what I mean. That kind of eccentricity is external. What we need is internal eccentricity. You adhere to Apple Guidelines, […]

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A hilarious incident happened when I had completed over a year of working in a newly formed startup. A trainee HR joined our team. We never had a formal HR before that. The day after she joined, she was sitting at her desk. Four of us, relatively senior members of the team, had gathered at 11-ish am near the water-cooler. The tall frail HR walked to […]

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Yes, the tool. Big companies have equally fancy CRMs. As a startup, I have not thought of a CRM tool yet. As it is, I find them too complicated. A Google spreadsheet works best for me. However, customer relationship management is much more than just a tool. When the startup is young, the founders have one-to-one contact with the client. As the sales staff increases, […]

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