Day 28 : Dear Zindagi

Dear Zindagi was a delightful watch. A leisurely movie about life and therapy. Alia Bhatt is growing as an actress with every film. Her character is flawed, and focused but directionless. Kaira (aka Koko, her character) is a mixture of paradoxical traits and thus, complicated. The movie starts wonderfully, but is painfully slow after the Interval. Gauri Shinde could have done well to dig deeper […]

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Second ramble

Second ramble

I am not attached to anyone at the hip. Especially family. Parents, to be precise. When I see children being over fond of their parents or vice versa, it creeps me out. I love everybody alright. But I don’t go over the top declaring it… I may do it on social media, but in person I am all the more miserly in showing affection. I […]

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Day 12 : Write about 5 blessings in your life

1. My Grandparents My parents have always lived with my grandparents and hence, I was raised mostly in their tender care. My Grandpa took me out every evening at the Railway Station where we watched trains go by, while I ate the chivda in my tiffin. He inculcated the habit of reading in me, as I always mimicked him reading the newspaper or the novels […]

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The word Emergency implies a sudden unforeseen event which demands extraordinary measures to cope with the situation at hand. Well, that is precisely what happened on April 2. My grandfather, who is 91, fractured his hip bone which had to be operated upon. It follows that I and Abhijeet rushed to hometown as soon as we heard the news.┬áHe is recovering and well now. I […]

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