A quirky Quikr story!

Alright, the story of my purchase can be the next Quikr Ad!

Ladies love shopping. And love it even more when their purse is not taxed.

Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity of shopping at the expense of Blogadda. (The Husband was happy too 😉 )

Nirav asked Bloggers about what they wanted this Diwali. I had a long list and the first in it was a kitten!


And Quikr would be the last place I’d look up for a pet 😛 (You think so too, eh? Well read on!)

I confirmed the participation in the contest on 20th October.

From the next day, I forgot all about shopping (rather had to) during the Diwali week, since Internet was not working on our trip to Goa (21st to 25th Oct). On the return journey on 25th, I was pining for the H+ sign on the phone’s status bar to start blinking as we crossed the Karnataka-Maharashtra border. The hotspot connection was already established with the laptop.

As the web page loaded, I took a look at the available categories :
Well, whaddya know! Pets and pet care was calling out my name and the brain had the fingers clicking it in a fraction of a nano-second.

Cats! Cuteness personified!

He brought the car to a screeching halt near a petrol pump. “You are not getting one of those!”

I gave him my classic Cheshire grin.”NO,” he narrowed his eyes.

(Drats! I should’ve tried the cute puppy eyes instead.)

On 26th, I moved on to the next item in my mental list – a Kindle reader. (Next was a Digital Camera.)


I found good deals around Katraj and Camp browsing Quikr through my laptop. (Now, my phone was in coma because of drowning in sea water. And He was not around, so wasn’t His phone. So I settled by contacting them through the “Reply to this Ad” button.)


I waited and I waited. And I waited till 30th.

I got notification emails from Quikr but there was no reply from the sellers 🙁 Now the panic mode set in. The only reassuring thing was – the phone was revived!

Reminders from Blogadda were chiming in with words of encouragement. So I decided to give it a last full-fledged shot.(Picture Hrishikesh Kanitar readying himself for the last ball of the finals of the Independence Cup in 1998!)

Today morning, I opened Quikr again and pulled up one more Kindle deal. But something had happened yesterday which made me lean more towards the Camera in my list.

Waise to,
me and Him never bicker,
but when we do,
We strike the best deal on Quikr!

“How?” You’d say.(Perhaps you will also add, ‘quarreling is not a good thing guys!’)

Okay, it so happened that he offered to fix the scratch guard on my phone(which I claimed was spoiled by him). You have to know one thing about Him – He is the most meticulous person I have seen in my entire life! This allegation was too much for Him to withstand and He set forth on a mission to fix it. And ruined it once and for all! (Bubbles bubbles everywhere on the screen…first there was one, now there were umpteen!)

This was a given as 1) He had not spoiled it in the first place, it was me who sat on the sand with the phone in my back-pocket 😛 2) That had rendered the gum on the scratch-guard useless.

You have to know one thing. Girls, and most importantly wives(‘accused’), never own up to their mistakes. 😐 Also, when cornered with such situations, they dig up incidences from the past and make the Husband (‘defence’) feel guilty.

I immediately shifted the blame on the bewildered better half saying He doesn’t handle my phone with the same care as His phone. And then my gaze fell on His prized Canon 1200 D! (Bas pachhi to…pati gyu! as we say in Gujrati)

I added to the chargesheet saying he didn’t let me use His camera in Goa. We used the phone camera to click the fabulous marine life when we could’ve had much better pics using the DSLR. Alrighty, it was settled!

I proclaimed that I shall get my own camera and never touch His camera (after dramatically pointing out that even though the CANON 1200D’s receipt is in my name 😛 😛 )

So I dug out one Kindle (half-heartedly) and one Camera (with full gusto!), jotted down both the numbers and dialled the Camera first.

*a little background story*
I being the older sibling, am used to getting everything new. I have never used ‘used items’ apart from syllabus texts in Engineering. And although I knew Quikr since 2008, I never bought anything ‘cos I couldn’t afford the ‘new’ items I wanted and did not want to settle for ‘used’.

But baat abb ego pe aa aayi thi. I HAD to get a digital camera for myself!

*thus ends the background story*

Conversation Transcript

Seller : Hello?

I : I am calling regarding your Ad on Quikr. You have a Canon Powershot 3S IS to sell?

Seller : Uh..yes…

I : Can you give it to me today?

Seller : Not today. Probably Monday? Don’t you want to see it first?

I : I am writing for a Blogadda contest and I HAVE to get it today. When was your camera bought? What was the original price?

Seller : I bought it in 2008 from the US. It was around 25K. Listen, I can give it to you today, but after 8.30 PM. I work in Hinjewadi.

I : Okay, that’s no problem. I’ll come down. What is your name? Which company do you work for?

Seller : I am Vitthal. I work for XXXXXXXX.

*I gave a slight pause.*

I : Don’t tell me…do you know Abhijeet More?

Vitthal : Umm…I do have an Abhijeet More in my team…

(He is his Manager!)

I : Wow, small world! I am his wife!

So to cut a long story short, we visited his place, got the camera, had a good exchange of pleasantries, met his wonderful family and created memories to last a lifetime!!!

With Vithhal, his beautiful wife and their cute son Vivaan. Photo courtesy : Abhijeet, Camera : Canon Powershot 3SIS
With Vitthal, his beautiful wife and their cute son Vivaan. Photo courtesy : Abhijeet, Camera : Canon Powershot 3SIS

I am now, a proud owner of a Canon Powershot 3SIS with a 2GB memory card and shall click away as I please! (Psst..the product is clicked with Canon 1200 D by the generous better half as the case is settled out of court 😉 )


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Man! I feel like an Author!

I was feeling uncomfortable since a few days. You know that weird feeling when a character keeps bugging you to write it? That!

So I wrote.

I felt exactly like Shania Twain in

(okay I notice the Shania connection with my story now, but she had absolutely no say in the character – even I noticed her name now :P)

It started with a fleeting thought that a story should be written where the character transforms herself head to toe for a role, from which she is a far cry in real life. When she gets this chance, she puts her heart and soul into the character she’s playing. Now she had to be this dorky, nerdy writer-director who has never been on stage or in front of the camera. Nobody knows her potential as an actor. Someone like Kiran Rao popped in my head.

This idea lay dormant in lined pages of my notebook till one and a half year. Just a para, where the lead actor is surprised by a sultry actress suddenly walking on stage – that actress being none other than the director herself!

I did not know how to make head or tail of it. I always wanted it to be a short story; but what would be the premise, the conflict, the ending? Niet, my brain refused to cooperate. One Saturday in July, I had the time and inclination to write and no topic in sight.

I remembered the idea and decided to explore it. I took a Word page and typed away till I had finished Part I. And lo behold! The character Leena told me so much about herself! I thought of writers, who say that their characters reveal themselves to them, as crazy. Completely cuckoo! What do I find? I am one of the species!

Great. Written at one go – the shorty story seemed lengthy and boring. So I cleverly made Parts and decided on a 3 post blog series. But then the inner desire for publicity led me to explore publishing options. I searched for short story submission sites and decided against them – ‘cos I noticed many a good story gets lost for the want of good feedback and word of mouth publicity.

I had heard of ePubs and Kindle thing and decided to explore it. To my immense joy, I found that KDP allows me to self-publish for free. How nice of them! Alrighty, then. It was decided. Some more research and I was convinced by some veteran short story writers that this is the genre to write for and publish on Amazon.

Lots of tinkering later, I have the following things for you to visit :

1. My eBook (Short Story) – about 4000 Words – FREE on Amazon till tomorrow (18 July 2014) and $0.99 (RS 59) after that. (Click on picture to download on Amazon.)

Not my type.

You can read it on your Kindle App or on web (for web you need click on BUY and select Kindle Cloud Reader.) If you have any problem downloading, feel free to write to me at wordcoiner[at]gmail.com or tweet to me @thewordcoiner.

Review on Amazon.com is a must!

2. And a very own Author page on Amazon!

Right now, I am on cloud nine and nothing is as perfect as my eBook. So if you do find any typos or formatting errors therein, please bring them to my notice and ground me 😀