Fourth ramble

I don’t feel like talking about anything today.

I have such days often. I talk incessantly for about a week (a fortnight at best in the longest verbose streaks) about the deepest craziest thoughts in my mind to any willing/unwilling listener. And then without warning, I withdraw into a shell. Maybe my subconscious becomes wary of overexposure. So inexplicable it is that some might think of me as outright rude. Dear Neha has been at the receiving end of such withdrawals often.

Quiet times are necessary. 

Self imposed or natural, quiet times serve as regulators of thoughts. 

I have a pile of dishes awaiting me at the sink. I have written halfway about what doing dishes teaches us about work. I am not in mood to do the dishes too, right away. I just cleaned them superficially and have them arranged for a soap bath and scrub. 

Laziness or leisure? (As there is no urgency to wash them.) How often do we confuse the two terms? Does leisure really exist? At leisure…when is the right time to indulge in it?

At retirement? In childhood? Is a child capable of comprehending what leisure means? What is retirement? If it means not working 9-5 anymore, I am retired. Am I availing leisure now? 

Leisure is the luxury of whiling away time as you please at the moment, without the imposing need to do stuff you don’t want to do right away. Perhaps, not washing the dishes is leisure then. 

What do I want to do right now then? I don’t want to laze. Maybe cook lunch, and indulge in reading old Ruskin Bond. Leisure being put to good use, eh? 

Wishing all of you the luxury of leisure. May even you enjoy the benefits of withdrawing into a shell sometime. (Though I am blabbering right now. Isn’t that a paradox? )

I’ll leave you be now. Tata!