Resolutions 2017

2017 will be the year of achievements and learning. I am quitting my side job to focus on shooting. It will also give me time to look after my blog, and learn coding again. Here are the resolutions : Win a medal. Earn money blogging. Code using SWIFT and also develop an end-to-end iOS app with cloud hosting and web services. Write a tech blog. […]

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Day 7 – Consistency

I am uber talented. In everything I take up. Something always prevents me from making it to the top. Even if I do make it, there is a nagging feeling of being unaccomplished. Why? I do everything in bursts, not streaks. Example : I started NaBloPoMo and fizzled out on Day 3. Streaks happen when the doer is consistent. Here’s a piece I wrote in January […]

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30s Gyaan

I am turning 30 this 6th October. Though I have been feeling 30 since I was 26, the official event occurs next week. This makes me want to share what I have known about life in these 3 decades. As Col. Julius Nagendranath Wilfred Singh says in Chhoti si Baat :  “Ye ek art hai, kala hai. Ye meri 65 saal ki zindagi ka nichod hai.” […]

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Day 11 : Something that you always think “What if…” about

I haven’t had to think much about this. There are a very few events about which I think what if. I was in school, probably not over 5th standard. My Grandpa used to drop me to school on our Kinetic Honda. School always opened in the first week of June, which also marks (…err used to mark, now monsoon is too erratic) the beginning of […]

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Taking stock

Half of 2016 is over. (according to me) There have been a lot of changes since January 2016 in my life. We came back to India. This is what I wrote in January – the things I am excited about : This online HTML/CSS/Javascript I am taking on Coursera. I have stayed put and actually finished the first week. Here I am, creating an ordered […]

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