Day 1 : How’s life?

Hello there! How’s life? I and my friends have a routine. One of us asks How’s life? and the other answers ‘Kat rahi hai’ like the popular ad that was. I am writing for NaBloPoMo this November. For me, months since October fly by as if the year is over. For me, it’s ‘Wake me up, when January comes…’ Does it happen to you too? […]

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Taking stock

Half of 2016 is over. (according to me) There have been a lot of changes since January 2016 in my life. We came back to India. This is what I wrote in January – the things I am excited about : This online HTML/CSS/Javascript I am taking on Coursera. I have stayed put and actually finished the first week. Here I am, creating an ordered […]

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This post is written for A prompt each day’s Prompt 60 – Fotowrite #5 He stood there for a minute. His wife had already rushed inside the main gate, and was now safely under the stately porch of the towering building. She did not want their son to get viral fever due to the drizzling. The watchman was getting the luggage unloaded. He still stood […]

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Hum means ‘we’, ‘us’ in Hindi. Hum is such an instant ice-breaker. Stuck in a long queue, be it for exam form submission or a government paperwork task, ‘hum’ has often bailed me out of boredom. “Yaar, abb counter ek baje khulega. Chalo hum chai pi ke aate hain.” (Alas! The counter will re-open at 1 PM now. Let ‘us’ go have some tea.) The […]

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This is the theme of January’s NaBloPoMo. I have put pressure on myself by tweeting that I shall post a blog today. The whole day went by and I have no clue what to write on. So I chose pressure as my subject. 1) Pressure is when Sachin had not hit a century for a year and walked in to bat in front of an […]

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