IInsulate your mind.

No man is an island, they say. The archaic meaning of insulate is to ‘make into an island’.

This quite establishes the premise of this post.

True work is done in complete isolation (of individual or team) from distractions – social, political or other. Isolation with a positive implication is solitude.

Our minds subconsciously seek solitude even when doing the most mundane of tasks – say making roti or watering the plants. It is a sublime experience to do our everyday tasks with utter peace of mind, when your whole focus is only on THE thing that you are doing at present.ย The peace (or ‘the inner peace’ as Master Chifu says) lets us accomplish great things (in our own right, of course) gradually – one day at a time.

Often this state of mind does not last long. One unpleasant comment by someone, one news about someone you don’t like or one heated discussion with someone close (by compulsion or by choice) – and the inner peace is gone! Ears start emitting smoke, figuratively speaking ๐Ÿ™‚

That is because Nature abhors stability of any sort and still pushes every situation towards equilibrium. It is a never ending tug of war between your inner peace and upsetting circumstances.

What you need to maintain the steady state of mind is insulation. Insulation comes in many forms – meditation, prayer, a defined daily ritual of exercise or reading. I have a daily ritual of seeing the first star rise, every evening.

These simple acts give your mind a breathing space which is bereft of negativity. Your mind builds up an insulation wall against any kinds of upsetting incidences during these periods. So when you go back to doing the task which needs your attention after these insulating rituals, the inner peace is restored. Finally, you reach such a stage that trivial – previously irritating/upsetting incidences, do not have any impact whatsoever on your mind.

In addition to the daily rituals, if you consciously take a reasonable time off regularly and indulge in hobbies you have always wanted to pursue, the wall becomes impenetrable. Painting, dancing, sports, music – pick one of these (or others) and insulate your mind against heavy surge of upsetting happenings.

Please do let me know what is your insulating ritual or hobby in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

This post is a part of the April A-Z Challenge.