Day 7 – Consistency

I am uber talented. In everything I take up. Something always prevents me from making it to the top. Even if I do make it, there is a nagging feeling of being unaccomplished. Why? I do everything in bursts, not streaks. Example : I started NaBloPoMo and fizzled out on Day 3. Streaks happen when the doer is consistent. Here’s a piece I wrote in January […]

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Day 23 : A letter to someone, anyone.

This letter is to my inner critic. Hello Critic, I will not give you the privilege of addressing you as my inner editor. No. You are the critic in me. You are a perfectionist. At least, you think you are. They say writer’s block happens because of you; because you think I do not have anything worthwhile to write on. They say the only way […]

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First ramble

February is a month of rambling. So I have heard, from the bird Lady at Shail’s nest. I am going to participate this good year. What better than letting off some steam and even getting page visits for them. All goodie… So the first ramble is about procrastination. Hear you…you evil streak in my mind…why are you so perseverant even though thy name is procrastination? […]

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April A-Z Challenge : Theme Reveal

I have signed up for the April A to Z challenge, early this March. 23rd March was the theme reveal day. Somehow, I missed reading the schedule 😐 Well, better late than never. My theme is going to be ‘Pursue your passions : now!’ (which will be abbreviated to Passion in the upcoming posts). All this while, I have been pondering on what leisure activities […]

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