Why Everest Base Camp Trek should be on your travel wishlist in 2017!

I have the soul of an adventurer. The sea beckons me and mountains allure me. As I am not a swimmer yet, mountains interest me more. I come alive on treks. I know basic rock climbing and rappeling. In routine life, I may come across as apprehensive – doubting my skills, decisions, and efforts that I put in a particular field. Not in mountaineering. In […]

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Thirteenth ramble

Thirteenth ramble

Photographs.  They are great souvenirs. These days, they are wreaking havoc with my memory – crippling it severely. So much so that if I start taking pictures, I totally miss registering the moments. Hence, I have started dedicating slots to photographs. Half time I spend taking pics, the other half – total devotion to exploring the place. I have always been fond of photography. But […]

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Book Review : Capturing Wildlife Moments in India

“Capturing Wildlife Moments in India” contains 120 photographs of animals and birds of India, photographed from visits to over 30 parks,sanctuaries and other locations.” WHY I READ THE BOOK I received a copy for review from Saveus Wildlife India. The reason I said yes was because it was a long long time since I had read a picture book on wildlife. The one I had […]

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Wordless Wednesday 1 – Soar high

Wordless Wednesday 1 – Soar high

Hot Air Balloon spotted on expressway near Lonavala, enroute Mumbai.

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