First ramble

February is a month of rambling. So I have heard, from the bird Lady at Shail’s nest. I am going to participate this good year. What better than letting off some steam and even getting page visits for them. All goodie…

So the first ramble is about procrastination. Hear you…you evil streak in my mind…why are you so perseverant even though thy name is procrastination? Before you assume things, let me bring you up to speed. I have stopped procrastinating in the literal sense since a long time, but I still tend to put off certain things – like writing – to accommodate more pressing things….like doing the dishes, or the laundry. 

Since I have left my day job, I have all the time in the world. Little do you know – when you have money, you have no time for your passions. When you have time, you have no money for your passions. It’s one daunting inverse relationship. Well, well, who am I fooling but myself? Writing needs no money! 

Anyhoo…I have not procrastinated on reading neither – finished some 5 books. Hope writing picks up something from it. I think I am secretly waiting for a fictional age in my head when everyone will take me seriously enough if I write a full fledged book. That’s a good reason for procrastinating eh…NO. I put my foot down, now! 

Ramblings shall mark an end to writing procrastination.