To my dead Cat

Chunky, my dear pet. (Oh how you hated the vet!) You were but a week or two, when Mom found you, licking the cauldron of ghee in adorable kittenish glee… Before you, I never had a ‘real’ pet All came, and went away or were sent away pat * 🙁 But you were different Oh you were so adamant! To you, I was introduced – […]

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Why Everest Base Camp Trek should be on your travel wishlist in 2017!

I have the soul of an adventurer. The sea beckons me and mountains allure me. As I am not a swimmer yet, mountains interest me more. I come alive on treks. I know basic rock climbing and rappeling. In routine life, I may come across as apprehensive – doubting my skills, decisions, and efforts that I put in a particular field. Not in mountaineering. In […]

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This post is written for A prompt each day’s Prompt 60 – Fotowrite #5 He stood there for a minute. His wife had already rushed inside the main gate, and was now safely under the stately porch of the towering building. She did not want their son to get viral fever due to the drizzling. The watchman was getting the luggage unloaded. He still stood […]

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Day 1 : 10 things that make you (me) really happy

This is a real easy prompt. It takes very little to make me happy. Cloud patterns When I am really sad or just plain saturated, I look at the sky. The cloud patterns at any time of the day remind me of the vastness of life. They are instant mood elevators. Twilight in solitude Continuing from the above, I like to be alone when the […]

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Hum means ‘we’, ‘us’ in Hindi. Hum is such an instant ice-breaker. Stuck in a long queue, be it for exam form submission or a government paperwork task, ‘hum’ has often bailed me out of boredom. “Yaar, abb counter ek baje khulega. Chalo hum chai pi ke aate hain.” (Alas! The counter will re-open at 1 PM now. Let ‘us’ go have some tea.) The […]

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