Sixth Ramble

Okay, I have jumped 3 posts. My arms are aching from 3 hours of rigorous training today. That has resulted into a little brain freeze. I have started reading books on mental fitness as my coach says I need to train my mind more now that my body has the basic stamina to go through the training. (Then why are my arms aching, sigh…) Mental […]

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Dangal – an eye opener

I watched Dangal yesterday. As you might know if you happen to visit this blog often, I have taken up shooting professionally in 2016. Seeing the Phogat sisters slog at 5 AM in the morning, I was considerably moved. This is what hard work looks like. When Geeta Phogat went on thrashing one after another contender in the National Championships – with no other worthy […]

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Letter to the 15 year old me.

Hi me! I am looking at you from an imaginary time curtain. Just like Mathew McConaughey saw himself across the library wall in Interstellar. I am silly, how would you know? You are yet to see the movie. Or have you seen it? ‘Cos I am you! Okay…let’s not confuse ourselves. You have enough confusions to deal with already. Hey, you know what? When I […]

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