Every startup is founded with a vision and a mission. 

However, when work starts flowing in ( in service based startups), and money is direly needed, these two things tend to become hazy. The team starts to decentralise and people work unimaginable hours outputting a product which JUST manages to satisfy the client needs.

What a startup needs is a rough but definite agenda – for every week, for every month, for every year and eventually for the broader spectrum of 5 years or decades.

The agenda chalked out should be for each team as well as individuals. Obviously, individual agenda should contribute to the team agenda.

Like in AGILE sprints, a definite deliverable outcome, complete in itself, should be defined for each employee. This way, your employees groom themselves as they work on the set team agenda.

Stress on knowing what each team member plans for himself throughout the day, week, month, year and if you are presumptuous( that he’ll stay) or magnanimous ( you care, even though he might not be working for you too long) enough – the decade.

Find employees who have a similar agenda in their life, as your startup. To grow as an individual, as the startup expands. To build a company based on knowledge, rather than hurried patches of code, which JUST meets the client expectations.

Of burning bridges

I logged in to Twitter today after a self-imposed long-weekend long hiatus, only to find it buzzing with reactions over CEO Rahul Yadav’s resignation letter.

Yes, it was not the resignation which garnered surprise and shock; it was the letter!

I had not heard of Rahul Yadav before today. Although I knew that had been started by IITians and had even participated in their marketing campaign through my blog. I dug up some articles on him. One of them – this – was written just before his resignation.

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