Sixth Ramble

Okay, I have jumped 3 posts.

My arms are aching from 3 hours of rigorous training today. That has resulted into a little brain freeze.

I have started reading books on mental fitness as my coach says I need to train my mind more now that my body has the basic stamina to go through the training. (Then why are my arms aching, sigh…)

Mental Combat is the first such book I read this season. I picked it up because the title is very catchy. Who wouldn’t want to be combat ready? I read it between my training breaks and I must say, it helped me from the word go.

It explains the scientific reasons for pressure in difficult/challenging situations – the physical changes that occur (racing pulse, adrenaline rush) and the resulting disturbance in one’s mental state – and how to tackle it.

I think it is a good idea to read mental fitness and competition technique books when training. The day I read it, there were no thoughts other than shooting in my mind. Talk about focus!

The voice of these books is so calming and empowering that you feel like Rambo or Sarah Connors or any other fictional character that you hero worship for their fitness (mental and physical).

I know I have not rambled enough in this post, but at least I have turned up. They say 80% of success is turning up!



Day 25 : Think of any word. Search it on google images. Write something inspired by the 11th image.

The word I searched is ‘Success’.635939176359096238-1005869204_success
I had heard them say, it is lonely at the top.
But it’s only because, they are a jealous lot!
I am at the pinnacle,
my life’s now a spectacle.
I have achieved my goals,
is this the end of the roads?
No, I pause a bit here,
to address my fear –
Am I really alone?
Oh am I really alone?
I sacrificed a lot,
that’s what my kids I taught –
let go of things and people, that get in your way,
those who make your decisions sway.
Will they now leave me too one day?!
I always did what I wanted to do,
Why, that didn’t stop me from wooing the girl I knew!
I married her, and now there are four of us,
Going our own ways, but bound by trust.
I stand at the top of the mountain,
devouring a never stopping fountain,
of intoxicating inspiration…
Am I really alone?
Oh am I really alone?
Are my wife and kids gone,
In their own quests for their unknown?
Nay, you ditherers.
Nay! You distracters!
I’ll tell you what is success –
It ain’t lonely, it ain’t alone – it grants you access,
to your soul’s innermost recess.
It is mine, still too theirs.
My people, they are all on their respective stairs.
One day they’ll bask in their hard earned glory,
and to all they’ll tell our story,
Us who survived,
the distracters myriad.
We found our own serene, our own tranquil,
We are not alone, we don’t need a common anvil
And for the mundane cast iron, we do not toil,
We make our own tools!
We think of us as wolves!
Together, but alone,
we trudge our paths, worn.
And thus, our travails have borne
us, sweet success to call our own.
We look alone,
But we are not alone!