Tenth ramble


The travel bubble. (For me.)

People are traveling a lot. The world has become a smaller place. Travel companies are making millions by crowd-sourcing reviews and the bloggers are having a blast. All hunky dory.

One should travel. It clears the mind clogged by a rut, if you were in one.

Everyday I read tales of wanderers. Some solo, some couples who have quit their job to travel the world. More power to them.

Me? I have been thinking about travel since a long long time. My Dad encouraged me to think of a Europe trip since I was in my teens. He wanted me and my brother to go on a planned tour. I laughed at him then. Somehow, I never thought it worthwhile to visit the places I have read in detail about. More precisely, I didn’t see the need to do so or envision the possibility of me traveling – I always thought that and other adventurous stuff were for others and more aligned to their way of life. I was happy being an observer.

I did read Raj Tours and Travels ads in paper and day dream of me being on the trips. It never occurred to me to consider spending lacs (which were a huge sum then) on the trip, even though I was promised sponsorship!

I wanted to visit all the gadhs of Maharashtra in college. GPS was still evolving, it wasn’t on the phones and eventually, when it came to the phones, it wasn’t much use in India. My Dad, quite contrarily was averse to me going with unknown trek groups and none of my friends were really interested.

The only memorable nature outing I had was when I coaxed 6 of my school friends (in 2008) into going Lonavala by train. We had a fun one-day trip, which I made with the sole purpose of being close to nature and making memories.

This year I made my first international travel, and explored a country – thanks to his profession.

We do travel otherwise. Me and him. We chalk out a detailed itinerary, which is more focused on luxury and leisure travel, close to spots of natural beauty. Our travel is limited to one long vacation in the year and occasional one-day trips near Pune.

To me, traveling is still an opaque bubble. I want to know what allures me, what can be my realistic travel destinations so that I don’t end up with an incomplete bucket list. More importantly, is travel important to me?


Written sometime in November, this now comes to the blog 🙂

kaghaz hai, kalam hai,
shayari ko mufeed, ye aalam hai.
zehen me ho jab chhaya kohra
raah dhoondhta hai khayalo ka karwaan
kalam ke charaagh se,
roshan housle.
tay karte hain;
ilm ke faaslein.
zindagi ki manzil – jhilmilaati
intezar kare hain  – ithlaati
gubar bhi nahin, naa hai kohra,
mustahkam raftar se, chal raha hai karwaan,
kalam se kadam milakar, chal raha hai karwaan.
kaghaz hai, kalam hai,
shayari ko mufeed, ye aalam hai…
Glossary :
mufeed – conducive
aalam     – atmosphere
zehen    – conscious/mind
kohra   – fog
charaagh – beacon
ilm – knowledge
faaslein – distance
gubar – the dust that rises from the moving caravan
mustahkam – steady