Tenth ramble

The travel bubble. (For me.) People are traveling a lot. The world has become a smaller place. Travel companies are making millions by crowd-sourcing reviews and the bloggers are having a blast. All hunky dory. One should travel. It clears the mind clogged by a rut, if you were in one. Everyday I read tales of wanderers. Some solo, some couples who have quit their […]

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Written sometime in November, this now comes to the blog 🙂 kaghaz hai, kalam hai, shayari ko mufeed, ye aalam hai. zehen me ho jab chhaya kohra raah dhoondhta hai khayalo ka karwaan kalam ke charaagh se, roshan housle. tay karte hain; ilm ke faaslein. zindagi ki manzil – jhilmilaati intezar kare hain  – ithlaati gubar bhi nahin, naa hai kohra, mustahkam raftar se, chal […]

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