Resolutions 2017

2017 will be the year of achievements and learning.

I am quitting my side job to focus on shooting. It will also give me time to look after my blog, and learn coding again.

Here are the resolutions :

  1. Win a medal.
  2. Earn money blogging.
  3. Code using SWIFT and also develop an end-to-end iOS app with cloud hosting and web services.
  4. Write a tech blog.
  5. Write a shooting blog.
  6. Write actively on
  7. Read 100 books.
  8. Write short stories and creative pieces.
  9. Complete April A-Z Challenge and February Ramblings.
  10. Eat right, exercise and get a fit body. Participate in at least one marathon.

I am going easy on me this year, and setting fairly achievable goals.


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Most of my resolutions this year are related to writing. This is conscious, because I feel writing has taken a backseat since I left my day job in 2015. I had taken a break to write and I took up shooting instead. It has been close to 6 years that I have a blog and 4 years since I have this domain.

The initial settling in has been done. Now I need to go to the next level and start implementing SEO and monetisation. (For that I need to write too 😛 )

So here’s to the second innings of blogging!

2017 – The year of achievable goals!


2016 – The year in review


The year I turned 30.

2016 has indeed been the year of preparation.

Here’s my report card :

1. Pursue a sport.

I started shooting on June 1,2016. I continued from where I left in 2015. Then I had completed level 3 – the level where one is supposed to play states. However, since I was to go to Dubai, I requested my coach to let me work on my technique rather than appearing for the matches half-prepared.

There was no stopping after I rejoined. I qualified for the states, then played the pre-nationals. I appeared for the nationals through a wildcard (3 points less than the qualification score). I could not qualify in the nationals, but am heading towards a successful next year.

Here’s to hard work!

2. Start coding again.

This ain’t happening. I took up work by the side in August which kept me busy. Let’s see if I can code in 2017.
3. Write without the fear of your inner editor.

I wrote a lot of gibberish this year. I started NaBloPoMo November and wrote a few odd posts. I almost completed the February ramblings! April’s A-Z Challenge was a disaster.

The positive here is – I am not shying from writing.

Oh, and here is something sensible I heard and wrote.
4. Learn baking.

This will take another decade. It has dropped from my priority list.
5. Prepare a virtual travelogue.

I started travel posts on, but I did not have enough time.
6. Read 100 books.

I completed 33% of my Goodreads Challenge. (That’s a lot for me, who reads about 10 books a year.) Though it may not have gone as I planned at the outset, this year I have made good use of Kindle Unlimited.  I also exchanged my copy of Undue Influence from Sharjah Book Fair in Pune International Literature Festival.

  1. I finished ALL of Jane Austen’s work barring Lady Susan.
  2. I read George Orwell, whom I was planning to read since 2013.
  3. I read White Shark instead of the planned Jaws reading.

All in all, a good reading year.
7. Draw the fashion designs in your head. Learn to draw, if need be.

I subscribed to an online drawing course which cost me 1250 Rs per month. I continued till 2 months and then quit. There is a fashion design course offered by MITCON Pune, which I was considering taking up, but have decided against it for the moment.
8. Start video blogging/podcasting.

9. Love your blog(s). Let it show.

I monetised my blog today. I gave it a makeover. It has been getting makeovers ‘trial and error’ style for the whole year. So I guess my love is showing.
10. Be your own mentor in all walks of life.

This is what I said mid-year >> Failing terribly. Need to take myself seriously. 

I have improved since. I have kept myself motivated and charged, to be consistent where needed and to be flexible and revise priorities where needed. I am gaining control.


2016 – The year of preparation. 2017 – Off to climb mountains!





Day 2 : What is your favourite aspect of being a writer?

This post is part of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group blog hop. The first Wednesday of every month is Insecure Writer’s Support Group day. Post your thoughts on your own blog. Talk about your doubts and the fears you have conquered. Discuss your struggles and triumphs. Offer a word of encouragement for others who are struggling. The awesome co-hosts for the November 2 posting of the IWSG will be Joylene Nowell Butler, Jen Chandler, Mary Aalgaard, Lisa Buie Collard, Tamara Narayan, Tyrean Martinson, and Christine Rains!

November 2nd Question: What is your favourite aspect of being a writer?

I have been introduced to IWSG through Megan Morgan’s blog. A big ‘thank you’ to her!

My favourite aspect of being a writer is seeing things differently. I believe writing is not just a craft of putting words on paper. It is a trait. Of observation.

One can only write, when one observes and reflects on the present and past goings on around him. This equips him to develop fictional scenarios set in the real or imaginary world.

A story has a soul only if the writer possesses comprehensive knowledge of the environment that it is set in. This is possible only by observation.

Good writing is possible only if the writer has a habit of knowing as much as there is to know about any subject that he encounters. I call this acquired observation. Newspapers, books, Internet, videos on the chosen subject provide the writer with information which has been observed by others.

Another, and more natural type of observation is direct observation. It stems from the writer’s own experience in day-to-day life, travelling, gossiping(!) – alright word-of-mouth. Writers are wired such that they cannot observe anything without thinking – can I fit this scene unfolding in front of me in some story?

A writer’s journal is filled with anecdotes observed directly or acquired from some sources. It is often a treat to re-visit the journal and remember the time when the entry was made. Sometimes, this re-visiting makes for an observational entry about nostalgia.

You get the gist, eh? Being a writer makes me more absorbed in the happenings around me, makes me as curious as a cat and I read up on every subject under the sun, and gives me a license to be nosy and snoopy 😛 And I can always be found reading under the reason of doing research (acquired observation). I love this aspect of writing 🙂

Decoding writer’s block

When people ask me why don’t they see me blog these days, how is my novel coming along, how’s writing in general, sometimes I say it has taken a backseat and at other times – I have a writer’s block. In my context, writer’s block is not applicable at all, because, truth to be said – I don’t try to write these days.

Last year, when I left my day job, I had elaborate writing plans.

Why don’t I write and blame it on writer’s block :

  1. I keep avoiding writing because of procrastination.
  2. I do not have a writing time. I am thinking of starting regular writing in the morning hours.
  3. I set very high standards for myself. The result is, I keep churning more ordinary stuff. Though someone has rightly said, there is more extraordinary in the ordinary than the one trying to appear extraordinary. That someone is me. At least I agree with me on something.
  4. The more I read, the more I am convinced that I will never write an authentic draft.
  5. I don’t have a peer writer’s circle, so to speak. It is true that I follow wonderful bloggers who happen to be amazing writers, but I do not seek active feedback from them. Why? Because I DO NOT WRITE!
  6. I should stop thinking of writing as a task and write for the love of the written word.

I leave you with these incomplete thoughts…

First ramble

February is a month of rambling. So I have heard, from the bird Lady at Shail’s nest. I am going to participate this good year. What better than letting off some steam and even getting page visits for them. All goodie…

So the first ramble is about procrastination. Hear you…you evil streak in my mind…why are you so perseverant even though thy name is procrastination? Before you assume things, let me bring you up to speed. I have stopped procrastinating in the literal sense since a long time, but I still tend to put off certain things – like writing – to accommodate more pressing things….like doing the dishes, or the laundry. 

Since I have left my day job, I have all the time in the world. Little do you know – when you have money, you have no time for your passions. When you have time, you have no money for your passions. It’s one daunting inverse relationship. Well, well, who am I fooling but myself? Writing needs no money! 

Anyhoo…I have not procrastinated on reading neither – finished some 5 books. Hope writing picks up something from it. I think I am secretly waiting for a fictional age in my head when everyone will take me seriously enough if I write a full fledged book. That’s a good reason for procrastinating eh…NO. I put my foot down, now! 

Ramblings shall mark an end to writing procrastination.