Book Review Policy

I primarily write reviews of the books I’d like to read. The chances are if I like the blurb or the cover of a book, I’ll pick it up. Authors are welcome to approach me for reviewing their books, as long as I get them for free 😛 and… they are ready to be critiqued by a grammar nazi, a bookworm, an average Indian reader and an intellectual literature junkie – all clubbed into this one reviewer! I read for fun and review with his seriousness.* (minus the acerbicity, if you must know… )


 It should be duly noted that I do not necessarily endorse or disapprove the author’s views in the book regardless of the tone of my review.  I would gladly accept paid book review offers, as long as the book is in line with my reading interests and my review is not necessarily expected to be tilted on the right side of the 5 star rating. If you are a newbie author ( or consider me a newbie reviewer :P) I would be happy to accept books for free reviews too 😀

The authors will receive an acceptance email for the book review offer. The right to accept/refuse the book for review lies solely with me. Responses to enquiry are not indication of acceptance of the book review offer.

The review will be published within 15 days of receiving the book. This is subject to conditions and the author will be duly notified of any such delay.

Under no circumstances shall my review be available for editing by external sources before/after publishing.  The text/sentences from the review can be used for quoting as long as they do not change the voice of my opinion of the book and words therein are not modified. The source for these quotes should be clearly attributed to

All the book reviews on are copyrighted under this Creative Commons License.

For a book review enquiry, shoot a mail now at


This is a list of genres I would be interested in reading/reviewing…again, delving into the legal jargon – ‘not necessarily’ 😉

In the fiction category – Political fiction, Contemporary Indian fiction, Children’s literature (the Enid Blyton kind), Science fiction, Mystery, Historical fiction, Satire, Spoof, Autobiographies, Biographies, Comedy.

In the non-fiction category, it’d be..(Aah, you did notice eh? Yes, autobiographies and biographies are in fiction category.)…Travel guides, Self help books and Motivational guides.



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