Kalam kaari

Sixth Ramble

Okay, I have jumped 3 posts. My arms are aching from 3 hours of rigorous training today. That has resulted into a little brain freeze. I have started reading books on mental fitness as my coach says I need to train my mind more now that my body has the basic stamina to go through the training. (Then why are my arms aching, sigh…) Mental […]

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First Ramble : First book of the year

I had forgotten that today is the 1st of February. I often forget the occasions I look forward to, on the day itself. My ‘engagement anniversary’ is no exception. Recently, I called up my school friend Neha on Republic Day, and talked about everything under the sun (mostly nostalgic school moments) and hung up without wishing her ‘Happy Anniversary’. (Sorry, Neha!) To think, only a week […]

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We do realise we have a choice regarding what we watch on TV, right?

I could have put a more catchy title, the one that entices the reader into clicking it the moment he sees it. I desisted from it because ‘de-sensationalisation’ is the topic of this post. As far as I remember, it all started with Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki. (You know what.) In 90s, TV serials like Hum Paanch, Dekh Bhai Dekh, Hasratein, Junoon, Shanti were popular. […]

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Get ready to ramble!

As you might already know, February is the month of rambling – thanks to the awesome Lady at Shail’s Nest. You post about anything that catches your attention at the moment or tell a story you just remembered or post flash fiction or rant or just go on rambling every single day in February. It is also a blog hop, so you meet and greet […]

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