Project 365

I am venturing into tough waters here. I want to maintain a steady pace of posting and what better than the WordPress’ Project 365 suggestion. The blogger has to pic up any subject of his choice and write a post on it everyday – in sickness and in health, in happiness and gloom, in life and yeah, till death do them apart……. 🙂
These days one can stock on them too 😛 a project started should be completed at any cost! *random self-motivating sentences these…….pliss to ignore*

I just have to figure out how to post the posts only on this page and then I am set B-) Lord save you from the onslaught of my shayari 🙂 The project is to post a nazm, sher, poem, limerick – basically any poetic form – language no bar. I shall post translations where required. I just have to say one thing while kick-starting this –
                                                              I can. And I will.

25 Jan  – Aaina
26 Jan  – Wo kehte hain mera watan
31 Jan  – Zameen
6 Feb    – Sabb kuch
7 Feb   – Paabandiyan
24 Feb – Zinda ho tum
5 Mar   – The fire


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